Reconstructive scar surgery in Midtown NYC

Reconstructive Scar Surgery in Midtown NYC

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Scar revision in Midtown NYC

The skin, our largest organ, has the ability to regenerate itself. We see it all the time when we scrape our knees – the skin heals itself. But when there has been a serious injury to the integrity of the skin, such as a surgical incision, a scar forms. This scar heal easily, or it may leave you with an unsightly reminder of the injury in the form of a keloid or hypertropic scar. In those instances, you may require scar revision treatment. And the best reconstructive scar surgery in Midtown NYC is with Dr. Lloyd Hoffman MD, PC, FACS. Dr. Lloyd Hoffman is a skilled plastic surgeon with the artistry of a craftsman. He completed his general surgery training at Cornell/New York Hospital and went on to fellowships in plastic surgery, hand surgery and microsurgery at the Institute for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at New York University. Dr. Hoffman has been recognized nationally and internationally for his surgical skills, published works and his teaching abilities. Dr. Hoffman is completely focused on aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and devotes himself entirely to patient care.

Both keloid and hypertrophic scars are treated by reconstructive scar surgery in Midtown NYC. A keloid is a type of scar that is dimensional and rises above the rest of skin, forming an external growth. They mostly develop on the chest, back, shoulders, and earlobes. They rarely develop on the face, but can sometimes form on the jaw-line. Typically they look like an elevated section of skin with an irregular shape that is flat and has a pink or purple color to it. Keloids typically appear after surgery, but they can also appear from slight irritation on the skin from an acne pimple on the chest or other minor injuries like burns and piercings. Keloids can also start to form sometime after the injury and extend beyond the initial wound site. If untreated, they can also become itchy and tender to the touch. Hypertrophic scars also form during the scarring process and are thick like keloids, but are different in that they stay within the region of the initial injury. They are also redder in color and overtime will subside on their own, but this process can take up to a year.

Dr. Hoffman offers several possible methods of removing keloids. You might benefit from his reconstructive scar surgery in Midtown NYC or steroid injections, lasers, silicone sheets, and cryotherapy (freezing the keloid with liquid nitrogen). For a consultation on which procedure is the right one for you, call for an appointment today.

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